Pagers and Paging Systems, Two way Radios and Call Buttons for Northern and Southern Ireland. All business sectors and healthcare supplied.

Restaurants, Car Dealerships, Casinos, Golf and Country Clubs, Healthcare, Hospitals, Health and Safety, Logistics, Manufacturing, Professional Offices, Retail, Schools and Universities, Spa and Salons


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Sitemap of from LRS Ireland


Our website directory is designed to show you our products, warranty and other pertinent details, but also the sectors of business that we usually supply. Of course, this list above is not completely exhaustive of the business industries that we supply and is only meant as a guide for readers.

If you don't find what you are looking for then you should contact us directly on +44(0)1782 537000 and ask for sales and we can identify products that will work for you effectively. We also do have some representatives in Southern Ireland for localised supply if you prefer, but we are happy to advise you and supply products to you directly if you prefer that option.

Products bought from us directly have warranty directly with us, and products bought through a dealer have warranty with the dealer where you bought the product from.

While this site is developed specifically for Northern and Southern Ireland of course we do have other websites developed for other areas - but they do sometimes have products and services on them that are not on this site. Examples include  and our original website which we originally developed in 2000 when we opened the UK offices.

Lastly, we specialise in some vertical products for health and safety that are not all on this website but information about them can be obtained by contacting us directly.