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Casino Communications

Focus on Service

There is no doubt that casinos need to ensure that clients are always 'playing'. Any distractions will lose the clients want to remain doing what they do best so it is important to ensure that clients needs are always addressed immediately. But without great communications then clients will easily get distracted to other things. We have a number of solutions that are designed to allow staff to be very effective and efficient thus ensuring clients get immediate and quality service when they need it.

It is easy to keep clients at the table with our great new push for service buttons. When a client needs service they simply press a button (buttons can be custom programmed) and a staff member will attend.

Staff communication is the key to efficiency and with the cost of staff today you need to use the minimum staff with the maximum efficiency. Our staff paging systems help staff to be more effective in their job. Client service is what will differentiate your casino from others. Enhance client service and increase your profitability. Our latest solutions can even send a SMS message to a cellphone right from any PC. 

When clients are waiting its important to get them back on the casino floor as soon as possible. Our CS series of client paging systems to recall them will help tremendously. This solution allows guests to visit the cafe (for example). They can be called back instantly with just one press of a button. The solution creates a 'invisible queue' and stops walkaways in many situations.

Lastly security is critical in every casino. Two way radios or walkie talkies are probably the lowest cost solution for security communications there is. We can supply either licensed or license free radios. We specialize in 2 way radios from all leading brands and supply accessories and other options. Our expert sales team can advise you of everything you need to know and our equipment can be supplied on trial if necessary.

We offer many solutions for casino environments so feel free to call us on 01782 537000 or fill out the form.