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Logistics Communications

Focus on Throughput

Most logistics or warehousing sites suffer from one important and major problem. Getting drivers and their truck to the loading or unloading bay has a direct reflection on the efficiency of the whole operation but drivers can be either difficult to find or communicate with. This problem tends to be industry wide with the very same industry wide effects if communications is not handled correctly.

We have worked with many major logistics and warehousing companies and have developed a low cost solution to improve the driver and controller communications. It makes an incredible difference to the whole operation with this equipment. Our driver paging solution will allow you to get drivers with their lorry to the loading bay faster than you might have ever thought possible - and it's a low cost solution too.

Other communications between staff can be difficult too, but our new range of two way radios help solve that and make staff more efficient. Throughput will increase as will efficiency and ultimately profitability. Increased communications might even allow the company to redeploy staff more efficiently.

Remember that we are not some distributor but a manufacturers office so we really can supply and support our products which are lower cost and higher warranty than distributors in the UK and Ireland.

We offer many different solutions for logistics and warehousing so please feel free to call us on 01782 537000 or fill out the form

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