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Pharmacy Communications

Customer or Patient Focus

A busy pharmacy can often cause delays in serving the patient with important drugs. Sometimes a pharmacy might have private rooms for consultation. But no matter how your pharmacy operates there is no doubt that improving communications between patients and staff will help the operation to be more efficient and improve the quality of service for patients or customers.

Our push for service buttons can be used for private rooms to communicate with other staff members or even where a dispensing window is not always manned. Simply press a button to get the attention of staff - its that easy.

But decent staff communication if your pharmacy is in a hospital can be more difficult as often hospitals are much bigger than retail pharmacy premises. We have a number of staff communication paging systems either PC based or stand alone but either one will improve communications between staff exponentially.

Patient or customer paging is useful to allow patients to walk around while they are waiting for their prescribed medications. They might go to the cafe to relax or other area of the hospital. To recall a patient is only one press of a button and they will return immediately. Our CS paging systems have been developed to be the best solution available today.

For staff that could be anywhere in the pharmacy or hospital then two way wireless radios make sense for communicating between staff. With a range of up to eight miles the radios will cover most sites easily. having great communication between employees will undoubtedly improve the operation of the pharmacy.

We offer many different solutions for pharmacies and healthcare so please feel free to call us on 01782 537000 or fill out the form.