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Manufacturing & Industry Communications

Focus on Efficiency and Productivity

In any manufacturing facility immediate communications is essential for the smooth operation of production. Great communications will locate staff quickly, minimize machine down time, reduce emergency response times, telephone 'tag' between staff, remind employees of meetings, signal break times to different groups and eliminate the overhead messaging system among many other improvements.

Call buttons can be used for many applications including notifying managers of equipment conditions, back or front door opening, or when production personnel need assistance in a specific area, emergency call situations and more. Our call buttons are used throughout manufacturing.

Staff communications can be improved easily and informed staff are always more productive. Our staff paging systems are either stand alone or our newest computer paging solutions operate on windows software and can even text a mobile phone.

Warehousing of finished products for distribution can be hard to manage often related to getting truck drivers in or out of loading bays. It is possible to improve the loading and unloading by careful control of communications between the coordinators and the drivers with our warehousing solution.

If you need to integrate paging as a form of communication in to your products we can help. The OEM-TX board supports up to seven dry contacts and is available as an oem product for manufacturers. Other uses include installation in to fire alarms or machinery monitoring.

Many manufacturers have very large sites that communication can be difficult to manage properly. We can supply two way radios for staff communications or security staff and many of the walkie talkie wireless radios have a range up to 12 kilometers.

We offer many different solutions for manufacturers so please feel free to call us on 01782 537000 or fill out the form.  

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