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Golf and Country Club Communications

Quality Service to Members

Golf courses and country clubs must provide exceptional service while adhering to budgets. We offer several solutions to meet the needs of improving the quality of service to a much higher level than could be achieved by any other means. Communications is an important aspect of operating high quality service to members and without the right equipment your club will not be operating at its best.

In any sector of business staff communications are a necessity, but great communications improve how efficient staff really are and that could even lead to a reduction of staff with the right solutions. Our staff to staff paging systems allow each member of staff to be completely up to date and to react immediately they are needed for any particular task. We even have a solution to text their mobile phone directly from a stand alone system or computer.

If a member is waiting for a service (maybe in the restaurant) it's better to allow them to go to the bar while waiting for their table... but how can that be possible? With our new CS series of member paging systems its simple. Allow members to buy drinks while waiting or browse the shop until they can be accommodated which will increase sales. All it takes is a press of a button and the members will return.

Typical golf courses and country clubs cover large areas of land that staff have to manage. Communicating with them can be difficult. But two-way radios are an accepted method of effective communications between staff over distance. Typical walkie talkie range can be as far as up to eight miles. Allow staff to be in communication throughout the site where often other forms of communication do not always work.

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Solutions for Golf and Country Clubs