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Healthcare & Hospitals Communications

Focus on Patients Quality of Service

Healthcare has changed in to being a very difficult environment to work in while at the same time producing a high quality of service (especially in the NHS) for patients in recent times. But as in most sectors communications are the important ingredient for leveraging a success and developing leading service levels with often minimal staff ratios.

Patient care and how they are handled has become more of a measure by which organisations are often judged by - but how can you ensure that you are working as efficiently as it is possible to be? We have developed a number of paging systems that can help your organisation be the best it can be.

Call buttons come in many shapes and sizes and for the healthcare sector they can be used in a number of areas to improve QOS. Our 'bed call' or nurse call system can be used for room to room messaging or directly from the bed to responsible nurses or other staff to handle the call satisfactorily. There is no faster way of contacting a healthcare employee than the bed call paging system. Of course these buttons can also be used in numerous other situations in healthcare.

Communicating between staff (such as consultant to nurse) creates an efficient and effective environment and can easily speed up many tasks. We have solutions that can message nurse to nurse or any other employee communication either free standing or via a computer network. If you need to maximise staff utilization then a nurse call paging system is what will help.

Patients that arrive to see consultants or have medical procedures often have to wait for what seems long times. Often they don't like to 'lose their place' in the waiting list - even though they won't - and are reluctant to move because of that. Our new CS series of patient paging systems allow patients to go outside or even visit the cafe while they wait for their appointment and calling them back is simply a press of a button. The CS6 series of professional patient recall solutions is now extremely affordable so everyone could afford this breakthrough recall solution. We even have solutions that can send a text message to patients off site if necessary.

We offer many different communications solutions for healthcare so feel free to call us on 01782 537000 or fill out the form.    

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