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Patient Paging Systems

Patient Recall Solutions for Healthcare and Hospitals

In any busy healthcare or hospital it is vital to manage the patient flow. Our new CS series of pagers moves forward patient paging to the next level since 2015.

LRS has raised the standard that patient paging can achieve forever. Other pagers are simply factually a receiver that receives a message and can flash vibrate or beep. There's nothing wrong with that if you live in the dark ages- but things have moved on somewhat. LRS CS series of pagers has completely reinvented the patient and pharmacy recall  pager rendering all other competitive solutions obsolete overnight.

Here's why: CS pagers are NOT just a receiver! This new technology of digital pagers are really two way pagers that completely change how a patient pager works.

How it all works:

Give the patient a CS pager and make a note of their pager number. To call the patient or pharmacy customer back simply enter the pager number in to the transmitter and the message is sent to the CS pager. In reality competitive systems cannot know if the pager even received the message... but the CS pager system will know if the message was received by the CS pager. The 'acknowledge' mode on the CS pager 'sends back' a message to confirm that it did receive the message and the patient has been informed. If there is no message reply to the transmitter then the system 'knows' that the message was not received and will automatically re-message the pager until the CS pager acknowledges that it has in fact received the message.

Say goodbye to those old unreliable paging systems - and get CS pagers that cost typically less than those old paging systems on the market sold by others and work incredibly well.


CS6 Patient or Pharmacy Recall Pager



Created in 2016 the CS6 is the second in the series of CS pagers, it works in almost any business sector. Healthcare and hospitals are perfect for the CS6. CS series of paging systems are LRS' best selling solution with new patient recall technology. Its easier than ever to recall patients when they are needed. There's an easy charging method that does not use up important desk area by stacking up to 15 units per charging base and support up to 4 charging bases (total 60 CS pagers) per power supply.

With double the battery life then any other pager, the CS6 is by far better than any other copied versions by competitors.

The CS6 Transceiver has new patented features embedded within the pager to ensure that LRS patient paging solutions cannot be equaled by other older patient paging systems from others.

Incredible Benefits
  • UHF frequency legal in your location and full CE and RoHS approvals
  • Built-in over sized bumper reduces damage dramatically
  • Bright red LED's
  • Any orientation charging means pagers can be stacked in any direction
  • Compatible with our older CS4 pagers
  • Wireless control over pager number and other features
  • Large Nickel Metal Hydride battery eliminates "memory' problems associated with NiCad batteries
  • CS two way paging mode
  • At least 999 pagers can be used per system

The budget CS6 patient pager has the best technology integrated to make the unit use low power to extend battery life. While there are a few less features than the CS7 Pro pager the CS6 (other than the CS7) is the most advanced patient pager currently on the market. No competitor has this new advanced technology within their equipment - LRS CS series use cutting edge technology.

To page a patient its simply just a press of a button on the transmitter, which then sends a message to the pager. With a Two-way paging feature you are now able to know if the patient with the pager received the message and if not the transmitter automatically re-sends the message unit it has been received and confirmed by the CS series pager.

Compatible with the TX9560MT and the TX7470 transmitters the whole system can cover up to two miles, and if 2 miles is not far enough and more range is needed we have signal boost repeaters to extend on-site range.

With a one time only special offer the CS6 complete system with a TX-9560MT Transmitter and all charging components (a complete system that includes 10 CS6 pager units) is available for an amazing price of £399.00 plus VAT and shipping. Add on pagers cost just £19.00 each plus VAT.

Available while stock lasts, don't miss out on this special offer. Order today! Click to order now.

For further details contact us or call 01782 537000 

CS7 Patient or Pharmacy Recall Pager


This CS series of patient or pharmacy pagers includes the CS7 Pro pager. This device outshines every other patient pager on the market for features, benefits and pricing. This new and unique CS series patient pager has changed the way healthcare and hospital paging systems operate..

This two-way paging device includes features not found on ANY other pager for patients or pharmacy and changes the way recall systems are implemented and operated dramatically. The system 'knows' when the patient received the message so there is no more guessing whether the patient will come back.

LRS older technology was copied by many competitors so we reinvented the patient pager to operate in ways that competitors cannot.

Overall Benefits
  • UHF frequency completely legal in your location and full CE and RoHS approvals
  • Built-in over sized bumper reduces damage dramatically
  • Bright LED's that can be programmed to red, green, blue, white or even multicolored
  • Any orientation charging means pagers can be stacked in any direction
  • Compatible with our older CS4 pagers
  • Acknowledge feature that confirms to the system that the pager received the message
  • Wireless control over pager number and many other features
  • Large Nickel Metal Hydride battery eliminates "memory' problems associated with NiCad batteries
  • CS two way paging mode
  • Additional features coming online presently at no extra cost
  • At least 999 pagers can be used per system

The CS7 Pro has Multi Coloured LED's, digital numbers, any pin charging, two-way paging, oversized battery for longer life, massive rubber bumper and much more we can't talk about right now - but make no mistake you will love the enhancements as they come on line. It also benefits in the UK and Southern Ireland with a 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Paging a patient or pharmacy customer is easy - press a button on the transmitter unit and a message is sent to the pager. Two-way paging ensures that always a message is received or the system auto retries until it is received by the patient. No more wondering whether the patient received the message - they are always messaged.

The CS7 Pro Pager works with the TX7470 and TX9560MT transmitters and range can be up to two miles. We also sell repeaters that can extend the range much further.

For more details use the contact-form or call 01782-537000 in the UK. 

Alpha Coaster Patient or Pharmacy Recall Pager

Alpha Coaster Stack

The original coaster patient pager. In 1993, LRS invented the first stacking coaster pager. It uses a patented charging system, LRS alphanumeric coaster pagers can be charged in any direction insuring a consistent and reliable charge each and every time.

LRS continues to redefine the paging industry with patient-driven features. Our shock absorbing bumper and Lexan case used on this pager protects the alphanumeric patient pager like no other brand. Our coaster pager is the most durable patient pager in the industry. LRS pioneered the first anti-theft and auto-locate and tracking features to reduce loss to an absolute minimum in high volume patient areas.

This alpha-coaster has four lines of text that can be displayed in small or large text depending on requirements.

Uses include messaging patients or pharmacy users to direct them to specific departments or areas and many more uses.

Learn The Benefits
  • UHF frequency penetrates walls, ceilings and floors more effectively
  • Built-in bumper minimizes damage due to dropping
  • Any orientation charging means pagers can be stacked in any direction
  • Wireless programming minimizes repair costs, down time and shipping fees
  • Nickel Metal Hydride battery eliminates "memory' problems associated with NiCad batteries
  • Tracking mode will continuously page until the coaster is returned
  • "Heartbeat" light indicates pager is charged
  • At least 999 pagers can be used per system

How to recall someone or send a message is simple. Depending on which transmitter is used, enter an ad-hock message or send a predefined message to instruct the patient to either return, go to a specific department, or issue other instructions depending on your needs.

This alpha pager works with a few including our TX-7470 and TX-9560MT transmitters designed specifically for this task. Range can be as far as two miles depending on transmitter choice and premises design.

For further information on this Alphanumeric Patient Paging System simply use our online form or call 01782 537000.

Adverteaser Patient or Pharmacy Recall Pager

Adverteaser pager by LRS

The Adverteaser paddle pager for patients and pharmacy use uses the strongest materials available for its casing - Lexan. This ensures that the pager is as robust as can be achieved for the healthcare and hospital environments.

There is an area where you can advertise something (or just as importantly) or show instructions to patients or pharmacy patients about how to use the system or other instructions as necessary. Utilizing 4 LED messaging lights and the strongest vibration in any pager, you can be assured your patients will never miss a single message.

Unequivocal Benefits
  • One-piece construction means no broken paddles
  • You can buy standard business cards to advertise (no custom size required)
  • Programmable alert modes from the transmitter (beep, vibrate, etc.)
  • Antitheft system minimizes loss
  • Wireless programming minimizes duplicate numbers, down time and shipping costs
  • Battery life is about 72 hours on a single charge
  • No exposed screws - prevents tampering
  • 999 pagers per system can be achieved and is supported


From when the adverteaser was first introduced in the 90's this patient pager has proved its worth.  Recalling a patient could not be easier... hand them an adverteaser and note the number. To recall the patient or pharmacy customer simply press a button on the transmitter corresponding to the patient you need to recall and they will be messaged and return to you.

The adver-teaser can work with our TX-7470 and TX-9560MT transmitters that operate over a range of up to two miles depending on the exact transmitter choice and building make up.

For further information please use the contact form or call 01782 537000