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On-Cue Waitlist Management System

On-cue waitlist application for Apple iPAD

Managing any type of queue can be the difference between chaos and orderly efficient control of waiting customers or patients. LRS On-cue was developed to maximise the correct management of any queue. It makes any queue invisible to customers and patients and that reduces 'walkaways' and creates a more leisurely type of environment for patients.

This application is a free download from iTunes so you can be using it almost instantly. While there are may features that need extra hardware, in fact the solution can be used completely free.

On-Cue Wait List Application



The On-cue app is the easiest to use with simple customer or patient entry: Just three simple steps when you're really busy enables you to add guests to the wait list... it's that simple.

Notify customers or patients by pager or SMS text messaging: Prefer no SMS? No problem, simply use the LRS coaster pager to notify guests at the press of a button.

What's the customer or patient status in the lists? : Examine exactly the guest status via indicators to ensure that the guest expectations are being met in your restaurant.

Message customers or patients direct with SMS texts: Text (SMS) messaging directly to your guests so you're always in communication.

Use customised texts: Enhance the guest experience - tailor the exact messaging that guests receive from your establishment.

Other uses: Update Table availability in restaurants to ensure you know exactly where guests can be seated to turn tables faster.


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