Pagers and Paging Systems, Two way Radios and Call Buttons for Northern and Southern Ireland. All business sectors and healthcare supplied.

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Supermarket Communications

Focus on Efficiency

LRS has developed multiple communications solutions to meet the needs of retail and grocery stores. Our solutions help to minimize staff, enhance customer service, and communicate more efficiently.

With our wireless call buttons cashiers can page a manager or other co-worker when assistance is needed. Perfect when change, stamps, price check, or manager override is required and used throughout the UK and Ireland.

Eliminate the overhead PA system and page any staff member or employee from your desktop PC or computer network in your facility. Get answers quickly and reduce customer waiting times.

Pagers are ideal for the deli or pharmacy. They allow your customers to shop instead of waiting around. Create an invisible queue and reduce walk aways while at the same time increasing the quality of service that your customers experience. This solution decreases congestion in busy areas.

In larger stores security or other staff communicating over some distance could be a difficult thing to achieve. But using the very latest wireless two way radios or walkie talkies that have range up to eight miles makes communication simple and there is no lower cost solution available that can help as much as radios.

We offer many different solutions for supermarkets and grocery stores so please feel free to call us on 01782 537000 or fill out the form.   



Solutions for Grocery and Supermarkets