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School and University Communications

Focus on Efficiency and Safety

Schools and universities usually cover a large area and achieving good communications is often hard to achieve. But staff to staff communications in schools and universities is essential for safe staff these days. All too often we hear about horrendous situations in our educational sector where people are injured or killed simply doing their job. Ensuring that staff communicate is critical to staying safe. Its also important that on-site staff communication is good which will enhance efficiency. And if you operate a student cafe then calling students back for their food (or other recall situation) can be a very time saving option.

Where staff safety is concerned there is nothing better than informing other staff of an imminent problem if being attacked while carrying out your job. The secret to solving these issues is not always at the forefront of responsible persons minds and sometimes get overlooked. We have a range of staff attack and panic buttons that are perfect for this use.

General staff messaging is not easily achieved without the infrastructure to communicate effectively. Large sites can be a major issue in achieving great results. But typically in most school and university environments a computer system is installed and often wide area networking prevails. We have a PC paging system that can operate on a single computer, but more importantly can cover the entire campus if necessary as long as there is networking to the outlying buildings. Of course our stand alone solutions work well too.

University cafe's can sometimes handle thousands of meals every day and all those students and staff can take some handling - especially if they are waiting for their order. Queues of students and/or staff only make everything much harder to manage effectively and will cause some to walk away and simply give up. Our latest technology student and staff recall paging system can allow customers to take a seat while waiting and calling them back is a breeze.

Of course with staff attacks there are many other threats to lives and other security issues that need to be addressed on a continuing basis to ensure safety. Two way radios offer a brilliant way to communicate while benefitting from a low cost and range up to 12 kilometers.

We offer many different solutions for schools and universities so please feel free to call us on 01782 537000 or fill out the form.   

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