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Retail Sector Communications

Customer is King

 There is no doubt that in the high street these days that competition is extremely difficult. Whether you are a household named brand or a smaller retailer the same problems exist for communications between staff and customers. Being better than competitors where staff communicate affects quality of service and staff efficiency.

Often in retail, customer changing rooms play a big role in successful sales, but also are not too easy to manage. If a customer has the wrong sized garment for example, with a push for service button that pages a staff member directly to change the garment, service levels are improved and a positive result will usually follow.

Floor staff communication is essential for maximum leverage for sales. Delays in responding to customers often results in customer walkaway's that should be avoided at all costs because maybe next time the customer will not come back. Our staff to staff paging systems are leading solutions in the retail sector. We offer computer based systems or stand alone store wide pagers.

If customers are left to stand around while in a queue often that will encourage walk aways, deter other customers and of course detract from the overall customers quality of service. We have some of the best customer recall pagers in the world in our new CS series. These pagers can even acknowledge to the system when a customer has received the message - rendering all other solutions obsolete overnight.

Security is always an important issue in any large store and needs to be prioritized properly. Whether managing the actions of the public, or for day to day staff communication wireless two-way radios are a perfect solution. Typically lower cost than any other method of staff to staff communication and with a long range walkie talkies can often be exactly what is needed to improve efficiency. Our range of 2 way radios are all selectively chosen to offer the best value and performance available today.

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