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Restaurant Communications

Customer Focus Matters

The restaurant pub and bar business has got more and more competitive over the years and customers today demand a high level of service. If they don't get it they will not return and often they won't relay that fact to the restaurant manager or staff. On analysis of where typical restaurant operations fail to provide wonderful service it usually is down to staff communications. After all when you're really busy if the infrastructure is not there to help its no wonder that there is often a communications breakdown. Our paging systemsand solutions will help you to be far more effective.

For anywhere that you need customers to call staff when they want something our push for service paging systems are perfect. Whether you want indoors a simple one button - or multi-button, or outdoors for a waterproof push for service we have it available.

For everyday staff communications our PC paging solution is perfect - it can be used to communicate with staff whether on or off site from either a PC screen or from our stand alone transmitting solution.

Recalling a customer for example when their table is ready speeds up the table turns - but it has another use too - it allows customers or guests to maybe go to the bar and get drinks while they wait, or to visit other services that you have on site while not being afraid that they will return when recalled with the CS series pagers. These pagers are revolutionary - new in 2016 and make all other solutions obsolete.

But one of the most important areas for communications in any restaurant remains between the chef and the waiters. Often food can go cold while waiters carry out other tasks and that causes two issues - cost of cold food as overhead and customer quality of service drops causing customers to never return. Our waiter or server paging solutions are professional and designed to resolve all of those kind of problems.

In any fast casual setting it is always difficult to find a customers table when its time to deliver food. That's why we invented Table Tracker so you can locate the exact table where the customer is seated. Other solutions only take you to a 'zone' which to be honest borders on being useless - but our Table Tracker will take you right to the customer every single time.

Managing customers and tables can be a difficult thing and mismanaging wait lists is not an option commensurate with profitability and quality of service. Our On-cue application for Apple iPAD is a free download that allows you to manage customers and tables simply and easily.

Lastly our two way radios offer a great way to manage security and is probably the lowest cost most effective solution when staff need to speak constantly.

We offer many different solutions for restaurants pubs and bars so please feel free to call us on 01782 537000 or fill out the form.