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Hotel Communications

Focus on Service

Hotels are not just about how nice a room is to a guest... there's far more to it than that. Guests often demand a high quality of service given to them from staff and if they don't get it they often demand discounts or never return both of which are not commensurate with good business. Part of the solution lies with great communications either to the guest from staff or between staff. But how can that be achieved?

There are a number of areas in hotels where we can help.

If you have reception areas that are unmanned guests cannot often get attention to staff. We have developed push for service buttons that allow a guest to let staff know directly that they are at the unmanned reception.

Other call buttons we make can be used for other problem areas in hotels... such as over night. For example, night porters are often going around the hotel carrying out their duties overnight, but are often responsible for letting guests in to the hotel in those early hours. Often the night porter cannot hear the doorbell so he does not attend. We have developed a specialised 'call button' that connects to the front door bell and when pressed by the guest it can message or 'page' the night porter to come and let the guest in. Similarly we have a device for incoming telephone calls when on night service so that the night porter knows that the telephone is ringing.

Communications between staff enhance the guest experience through having efficient staff that handle problems or guest requests swiftly. Our staff paging systems for hotels can either be stand alone or can worth through the front of house computer system.

Sometimes guests have to wait for a service (such as waiting for a table in the restaurant) and handing them a guest pager allows the guest to move around rather than being in just one place while they wait.

And in the restaurant we have great experience in supplying waiter paging systems for the chef to recall the waiter to deliver food which reduces the loss of food from being served cold and increases the guests quality of service considerably.

Hotels are often very big premises and it can be difficult to communicate between staff because of the building which makes service levels deteriorate. But we have available two way radios of high quality and importantly range - which are entirely suitable for any hotel. We can supply walkie talkies that are compatible with your current products. These wireless radios are capable of covering up to 12 kilometers in open air and are usually more than adequate to cover hotel sites. We can also supply accessories or repair your current radios as necessary. You will see great improvements once your staffs communications systems are good.

We offer many different communications solutions for hotels so please feel free to call us on 01782 537000 or fill out the form.