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Health Club Communications

Focus on Members Service Levels

Health club members have been increasing for some time and it is vital that you give members the attention they demand. Coordinating members with trainers, dieticians and other specialists in the health club can be both challenging but immensely financially rewarding to the health club when successful. The secret of course is good communications between staff and members. Keeping members grows the company.

Members might need to call a personal trainer to come and give advice etc. but how can that be achieved? We have developed a series of call buttons that can be used for exactly this purpose as well as other uses typical in the health club. The customer can simply press a button to message a personal trainer so the communications could not be simpler. member service is increased dramatically.

Making the health club more efficient and improving the members service levels can be a challenge but we help make it a simple task that will undoubtedly improve the quality of the service provided to members and help staff be as productive as they can. Our staff pager solutions are either stand alone or computer driven and are used to message staff. There's even an option to SMS staff if they are not on site at any given time.

There is nothing worse than having members waiting for a service or piece of equipment or maybe a training session. But members will not move away because of losing their position in what is perceived as a queue. Our members paging system allows them to go to the cafe or other area and they can be called back when they are needed. Our solution is low cost and even comes with a three year warranty.

Security might be an issue within the health club or maybe staff need to communicate over greater distances. Two way radios or wireless walkie talkies are the perfect answer because they cost little and can communicate (depending on device) up to eight miles (12 kilometers) range. We can supply many of the leading brands and can advise which would be best for you.

We offer many different communications solutions for health clubs so feel free to call us on 01782 537000 or fill out the form.    

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