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Health and Safety Communications

Focus on Safety of People

Over the years health and safety of employees has improved dramatically. But there is a good reason... its called legislation. Today a company has to ensure that employees are safe in their job from being injured - and if you have 'lone workers' then things ramp up even further. The onus is on the company to ensure that employees are safe and failure to do so can leave the managing director responsible and even susceptible to a prison sentence while the company could face massive fines and costs.

Communications between employees is the key to being effective in this important area of work.

We have developed emergency call buttons that can call the first aid team (or fire marshals) with just one press of a button as fast as can be. One feature ensures that members of the team will continue to come to the scene unless the call is cancelled by the first team member - so when its critical the incident will be treated as such. This solution is currently used throughout industry.

Staff communications lead to successful handling of any health and safety incident on your site. Our stand alone emergency call paging systems allow efficient and immediate contact of team members. Another option is our computer paging system for emergency teams.

For anywhere that you need a long range two way radios are a great choice because of their low cost and with ranges up to eight miles they meet many safety requirements. For lone workers we have specialised radios where employees have to 'check in' every so long (often 30 minutes) or can report if an employee passes out for example.

All of these solutions are available from the solutions shown below.

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