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Car Dealership Communications

Focus on Sales

Today's car dealerships can be a very demanding place. With pressures on increasing sales, reducing overheads and having efficient staff you need the communication tools that can help you achieve these goals.

When customers are browsing around stock in some dealerships they have to walk all the way back to where a sales representative is... and by then often the immediacy of the sale has waned a little. We have call buttons that are completely waterproof and can operate over the entire stock areas. Customers simply press a button and sales receive a message of where to go. The first free sales guy to arrive simply 'swipes' the pager over the unit and another message is sent to the sales team confirming that the customer has been attended to.

Other uses for push buttons include our 'closer' setup that can notify a manager to help 'close' that important deal.

Its important to have great communications between staff and we have a number of staff paging systems available that can either message staff directly or can send texts to their cellphone right from a computer so staff can be more effective in their job.

Often in large car dealerships customers can be left waiting for some time on busy days. This 'waiting time' can actually be in excess of 30 minutes... enough time for potential customers to leave and you lose the sale. Using our CS series of customer paging systems to recall customers will help. This solution allows customers to visit the cafe and relax while waiting for a sales representative and they can be called back instantly with just one press of a button. The solution creates a 'invisible queue' and stops walkaways.

Another area that is important is security. With some vehicles costing substantial money its important that the security is effective. We can supply a range of branded walkie talkies or two way radios that will be perfect for your needs - whether licensed or license free.

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